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We build kick-ass marketing strategies, organize massive festivals and we are the best concept creatives.


Over the past few years we have been honored to work with many great projects, brands and teams to take their projects to the next level. Along our journey, we have learnt much and collected a realm of data which fuels our strategy and innovations moving forwards.

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(Brand) Marketing

Brand marketing is a way to promote your product or service by promoting your brand as a whole. Essentially, it tells your service’s or product’s story by emphasizing your whole brand. We can help you set-up a  good brand what will reshape how you, your employees, your customers and your investors think about your company.


Based on your brand strategy and identity, we can create and integrate a marketing strategy what will help to position your product or service. Hereunder you can read some recent client-cases and read in short what we did for them.

Recent Marketing Cases:


Brand Identity

Cozy Harbour

Together with Rosh Studio's we created a cool fresh brand identity for this new restaurant. Beside that we help them with local marketing, social content and consistence visibility.


Corporate Brand Exposure


For several restaurants we organized regional brand exposure activities to create extra visibility and local brand awareness by news articles, local-store events and client-marketing.


Online Marketing Strategy

Pop-up Toilets

How can you take-over the event-industry with a unique product? We made a top-notch strategy online marketing plan with a unique tone-of-voice, audience based product video's and good content.


Ready for Web3?

Since 2017 we are also studying the future of internet called 'Web3' where we are witnessing one of the significant shifts in tech. With Web3, a whole new version of the internet is here, and many new exciting and innovative projects are taking place. But businesses and organizations are still applying old strategies rather than creating new frameworks and strategies to take advantage of its features.

Are you a brand, company or running a project who want to step into the future of internet? We are here to help you via our Web3 Strategic Consultancy; A Mi Manera.

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15 Years of 
Festival Experience

Zwarte diamant



Over the past few years we are not only working for our clients, we are also building some amazing projects together with a bunch of cool partners. ​Did we told you already that we are the best concept developers? With our creativity, out-of-the-box ideas and knowledge we can be that inspirational partner to work with.

We bring people together

With over 15 years experience in event planning and organizing, we have build a strong network in the dutch dance festival sector. Our festival journey started in 2007 by organizing own events, nowadays we are partnering with organization for helping them with concept development, marketing and ticketing.

Recent Event Cases:


Festival Marketing


We are the official marketing strategist for Dance4Liberation. From design, storytelling, content and socials to video productions like the official aftermovie. Proud partner for years now.


Identity Creation

Kingdance Festival

Kingdance Festival is born and raised in the city-heart of Zwolle provided and organized by High Energy Events. In the last 8 years we turned Kingdance into a 'cool' festival for your teenagers to visit.


Local Awareness

Boulevard Harderwijk

For this client we work region-based and create small city marketing campaigns. Fresh activities, partnerships and sponsorships are a must for local awareness and visibility.

Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

Google & Youtube SEO

Data & Analyics

Identity Awareness

PR & Media


Social Media Planning

Graphic Design

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Recent Launched Concepts:

Schermafbeelding 2022-05-30 om 12.16.59.png

Web3 Concept


Let's think outside the box and imagine a place where you can gather with your friends wherever you are! Together with WorkAdventure we are currently building a Web3 hype tool for the festival industry.

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Web3 Business

A Mi Manera

More and more brand and clients in our network are ready for the future of internet. Because of that, we are going to use another identity for special Web3 consultancy.


Event Concept

Picknick Garden

During COVID we had the idea to setup picknicks. We thought out the complete concept from scratch and organized over 25+ sold-out mini-events with music, entertainment, food and drinks.

Achtergrond met kleurovergang

We'd love to connect with projects, businesses and creative people. What about you?

Partners & Friends

Our partners and friends understands the needs of our customers. From design studio's, to entrepreneurs and creative agencies to create winning growth strategies. We have been globally successful in creating competitive opportunities and executing the developed strategies to quantifiable results.


Let's grow together!

With the right strategy, knowledge and connections we can provide you with a strategic marketing plan to let your business grow. We are experienced in corporate business strategies with a speciality in the culture sector. Events, (dance)festivals and bringing people together physical, but also online is our daily job to fulfill. 

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